Sell Your House Fast By Staging and Decluttering


5 Reasons You Should Stage Your House for Sale

Home staging is important.

People across the nation are putting their homes up for sale because they know interest rates are at historic lows. Even though home prices are rising, many believe today is the day they can buy their dream home. They want to take advantage of the current climate and sell their house fast, so they rush to put their house on the market, and then unexpectedly, people want to look at it. They scramble to clean up the house so the REALTOR® can show it or create a virtual experience. This is not the most proactive way to sell your home, which is why I came up with 5 reasons you should stage the house before putting it on the market.

In today’s competitive market, you really want to make sure obstacles are limited in quantity and scope because you may just miss the perfect buyer and you will miss your opportunity to buy that perfect home. It is better to do the work initially, so your part of the project is easier, and the entire transaction goes much smoother. Considering how quickly many homes are selling, you want to be in front of the pack, especially if you plan to sell in the next 30 days; here are 5 reasons you should stage your house for sale now.  

1. It is a competitive market with many well maintained and updated homes. You want to be one of them.  

Investopedia contributor, Amy Fontinelle, advises, “When you’re dealing with such a significant financial transaction as selling a home, you don’t want to settle for a lower selling price or a longer marketing period than you have to. 

Many home sellers are using this time to get their homes ready for sale because the real estate market is hot right now. With low-interest rates and limited inventories, homes are selling in record time. Ensure everything in your home is updated to the best of your ability and clean so visitors will feel welcome. Some people even leave snacks for the REALTOR and potential buyers, provoking a welcome feeling, like you were expecting them.  

2. Clean, staged homes sell faster, and they are easier to book for viewings.  

Set the bar for an emotional response. Your buyers are looking to fulfill dreams and they have goals for their life and your home may be a huge factor. Say someone is working from home right now in a tiny apartment they share with their spouse and multiple children, how much would they love an office of their own. You can show them the benefits your home offers more effectively through creative staging. 

3. Does a hoarder live here? 

If you have seen the show “Hoarders” (A&E), and if you have notthat is ok too. Just know that messy kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and bathrooms are a huge turn off to potential buyers. The buyer is looking for move-in condition, in many cases, so if your home has not seen a scrub brush in months, it might be time to share the experience. 

4. Potential buyers have easier access to view what is most important to them. 

Real estate is the largest financial investment in most American’s lives so it is serious business. Staging your home helps the buyers see how the home can help them grow, experience things they were not able to in their current home, and ring in a new chapter of their lives with excitement. While you want to make sure appliances and fixtures are updated and in working order, the idea is to make the home as alluring as possible to as many potential buyers as possible so do not spend a lot of money, but just enough to spur interest. Let potential buyers see that this home holds all that is important to them. 

5. Staging organizes the home in a practical way that makes it easy for potential buyers to see your home’s real value. 

Investopedia offers great guidance on specific ideas for staging your home. You can still connect with your real estate agent or a staging company to help with the fine details. You want as many offers on your home as possible because this increases the amount people are willing to pay. Make sure you are showing off the best in what your home has to offer. 

Now we have touched on the 5 reasons you should stage your house for sale at the beginning of the process to ensure that your home is ready when buyers are. You want the sale to happen as quickly as possible so you can start on your next chapter. If you need help, contact your agent or me, and they will get you started. 


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