Meet Consuella!

I have lived my whole life in Tacoma and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

To me, Tacoma is strong, warm, creative, and has something for everyone. Tacoma is truly home. Growing up here taught me many things, but most importantly I was raised to serve. I was brought up as a Christian and my upbringing is where I learned serving others isn’t only about providing a technical service, or sharing a skill, it’s about putting others first.

After nearly 10 years as a letter carrier, I needed a change due to sustaining an injury on the job. I knew I wanted to be more hands-on in helping people– and that’s what brought me to the world of Real Estate!

When I team up with clients, we don’t just achieve their goals, we get to know each other as well. It’s the unique things about each of us that make us so remarkable! Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • My husband and I love going to the movies!

  • I love the Marvel superhero movie franchise. (I REALLY love Ironman. That guy is a HOOT)

  • I’m all about food. Cooking it, eating it, sharing it. 

  • I also love fast cars; so that means I love the Fast & Furious Franchise.

  • My cousin owns the delicious Go Philly! If you haven’t tried it, stick it on your to-do list and get to it!

  • I love the TV show Friends and have the entire series on DVD. Who’s your favorite character?

Ultimately, as a REALTOR® there is an opportunity to impact and support people at one of the most crucial times of their lives. I believe in order to serve someone you must listen and maintain unparalleled diligence and integrity. If you need help finding or selling your home, let’s chat! I’m ready to team up and serve you along the way.